The Six Steps to Dental Membership Success

With increasing competition for new patients and changing dynamics with insurance patients, today’s dentists need inventive and new ways to attract and retain patients. Dental membership programs are a strategic business tool that allows you to do just that – on Your terms. This business asset builds your practice brand and allows you to attract and retain more patients, provides flexibility to the practice and is a great foundation for growing revenue.

EC delivers business processes, comprehensive software, and innovative tools that set the foundation for a thriving dental membership program. In addition, EC is the only complete solution offering both The Practice and Business of Dental membership to ensure success.

Discover the Six Stages to Success

Grow Your Practice. Your Terms, Your Plan, Our Help

Step One

A Great Membership Program Starts with the Right Foundation – The Practice of Membership.

At EC, we are not just a software solution, we are with you at every step to build a healthy dental membership program.

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Step Two

Build Your Brand That Differentiates Your Practice and Grows Patient Loyalty

Building a brand and team culture is crucial to growing and differentiating your practice, as well as building loyalty and retaining patients. While others focus on providing cookie cutter marketing, EC becomes your membership marketing agency, providing you with demographic based marketing materials across all mediums (email, print, online, etc.), allowing you to appeal to your specific demographic, not one size fits all.

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The Right Tool To Grow Your Practice

Step Three

Comprehensive Payment Management

EC is the only solution with comprehensive membership accounting and recurring billing feature sets, not just recurring payments offered by other industry solutions. EC delivers complete automation around the entire payment management process to make sure that your staff can focus on delivering care and not spending valuable practice resources keeping track of who has paid you and who hasn’t, while also tracking down missed payments.

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Step Four

Start-to-Finish, We Provide Business Intelligence with Real Time Analytics and Key Performance Indicators to Build Success

Planning and setting goals are vital in achieving your goals for your membership program. Understanding what is happening in real time is important to your success.

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Step Five

Dental Membership Programs Open the Door to Other Services and Treatment.

EC ensures you have the software and support for both your immediate and long-term program needs and growth. Work with your membership coach to identify ways your membership program can be used as a gateway to incorporate and grow additional areas of the practice through the addition of options on an individual patient level, items such as: Perio uplift, additional exams, Whitening Trays and Gel as well as other options.

Step Six

Extend and Further Differentiate Your Membership Plan Capabilities with In-House Patient Financing.

Your EC solution not only delivers the leading membership software support and coaching, but offers a comprehensive in-house payment plan platform.

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The Industry’s Leading Membership Plan Management Solution

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