Dental Patient Financing

An integrated patient financial solution suite, increasing case acceptance and loyalty while lowering costs.

Veterinary Client Financing

A full suite of pet owner financial solutions that get more care to pets while generating recurring revenue.

Medical & Cosmetic

In-house financing and membership solutions that grow revenue and loyalty.

Education Financing Software

In-house financing solution that maximizes class sizes, lowers account receivables and generates recurring revenue.

Enterprise or Other Markets

Our financial services technology is used by companies, of all sizes, in many industries.

Consumer Financial Solutions to Grow Your Business

ExtendCredit is a cloud-based financial services platform enabling companies, of all sizes, to easily boost sales, enhance loyalty and grow revenue. Our integrated suite of financial solutions allow companies to empower more potential customers to purchase products and services. Businesses can now benefit from the most comprehensive business-to-consumer financial technology.

ExtendCredit – Horizontal Technology for Vertical Market Success


ExtendCredit provides the leading cloud-based SaaS platform, empowering business with a comprehensive suite of customer financial services. Find out how we can help your company.
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