Chiropractors: Time to Adjust your Membership Options

This week we’ll be looking at the advantages of in-house financing and membership solutions in the Chiropractic field. Much like the Plastic Surgery industry — as we discussed last week — Chiropractors are well suited for these solutions. Membership plans allow patients to stop in regularly for small adjustments, and an in-house financing program insures they’ll be taken care of when the time comes for larger procedures. Chiropractors as a whole recommend a preventative approach to health, suggesting patients stop in for regular adjustments instead of waiting for one big strain or injury. This approach is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, and helps keep people more active and less injury-prone throughout their lives. To maintain patient loyalty, many Chiropractors already offer one, simple annual membership plan. While this is easy for the practice to track and bill, it tends to force the patient to make one big spending decision annually. If they didn't use the benefits much in the past year, they may be much less likely to renew their membership. Monthly plans — made easy by using Wellness Plan software modules — break the commitment up into much more manageable monthly payments. Patients are more likely to stay on this plan, and the technology afforded by the Wellness module suddenly makes the tracking and billing trivial. In addition, Wellness modules make it easy to customize membership plans based on the needs of the patient. The difference is “commodity” plans, vs. “custom” plans. Many Chiropractors may offer a “Bad Back Plan,” so it’s easy for patients to find a similar deal with a competitor. However, if your practice can create a custom plan for each patient, they’ll have a strong reason to patronize you over the guy down the street. Sound [...]