Businesses across the United States are looking for alternatives for customer financing. Conventional financing programs are not meeting the need. Approval rates are at an all time low as only the most credit-worthy customers qualify for conventional financing. Fewer and fewer services even qualify for conventional financing. All too often, when conventional financing is available, you hear stories about customer complaints that it is really expensive. These are signs of the times. The economic crisis is still with us and the situation will not change any time soon. The harsh reality for businesses that use conventional customer financing is that business and revenues are significantly lower than in the past. So how do you close this gap and build your business and revenues back up in these challenging economic times?

Extend your own credit in the form of payment plans to your customers as a complement to conventional financing. This approach provides choices for you and your customers. If conventional financing programs are only approving 15% of customers that apply for financing, then offering your own payment plans can close that gap and increase approvals to more normal levels. If conventional financing programs will not cover certain procedures or types of transactions, then offering your own payment plans can generate sales that would otherwise be lost.

As a business owner, you see the benefit of offering your own payment plans, but you do not have the infrastructure, resources or experience to manage them. You may have even tried offering your own payment plans in the past and struggled with juggling spreadsheets and the time consuming and error-prone manual processes involved with this approach. This is where comes into the picture. provides businesses with a comprehensive, easy-to-use online service that enables them to offer their own flexible, extended payment terms to qualified customers as well as easily manage those payment plans. provides everything needed to initiate, manage, and collect on those payment plans. The fees are extremely affordable for the business and there are no long term contracts required to participate. is helping businesses across the United States in a variety of industries, including Healthcare practices such as Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgery, Weight Loss, Eye Surgery, Denturists, Vein Care, Hair Restoration, Fertility and others, Veterinary Practices, Service businesses such as Automotive Repair, Home Improvement, Family Law, and other small businesses that see the value offering payment plans hold for growing their businesses in these challenging economic times.