New Capabilities in Patient Financing

Cosmetic surgery practices and health spas are growing their business by taking control of patient financial offerings. Organizations are seeing tremendous opportunity, revenue growth and predictability by adding in-house payment plans and membership plans to their patient financing offerings. By enabling more patients, to obtain the care and treatment they desire, practices are seeing a boost in sales and loyalty, and benefit from more predictability through recurring revenue. ExtendCredit offers a solution specifically for cosmetic practices and health spas through Cosmetic CreditPlans. Contact us at

CCPSmallBuilt upon the ExtendCredit technology platform, Cosmetic CreditPlans helps practices provide services to more patients, builds loyalty and generates wealth for the practice owner. Through membership, patients get access to bundled products and services, and through in-house financing patients gain access to specific procedures that help them get the look they want. Let Cosmetic CreditPlans, by ExtendCredit, help build your practice, secure more patients, and build wealth – find out more by calling 949 681-9247 or provide your information at contact us today.