Education Financing Software

Increase Enrollment and Revenue, Lower Accounts Receivable.

Educational organizations are looking for new opportunities to fill classrooms and courses, grow revenue and lower accounts receivables. Offering in-house student payment plans is a strategic business growth decision. The ExtendCredit Educational CreditPlans offering allows organizations to quickly, easily and at low cost offer students financial options.  The organization is in control determining approval terms, down payment and interest rates. A well run in-house student payment plan program will increase enrollment and revenue, reduce bad debt and improve overall student satisfaction.


An easy step-by-step process lets the organization sign up and approve student payment plans, in one simple screen within minutes. You control the approval process, payment terms and set the interest rate. Key features include instant credit, banking and fraud check, rate and terms calculator, compliant payment plan agreement and payment method storage.  For more information on how ExtendCredit can help your educational organization contact us today.