After a brief summer hiatus, we’re back with more information on taking the financial future of your business back into your hands. We hope the past couple months have been as exciting for you as they’ve been for us. We’re continuing to build strong partnerships in the dental, veterinary and cosmetic fields; helping doctors all over the country integrate customized membership programs and in-house financing solutions.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll bring you a series of blog posts highlighting the key factors in establishing prudent payment plan practices. Many doctors we’ve spoken to in recent months like the idea of making their own financing decisions, but are wary of the associated risk. And rightfully so. Offering payments plans to prospective patients can carry numerous rewards, but like any lending situation, risk is a factor.

That’s why next week we’ll begin examining every step of the process, from establishing a financing program, to approving credit profiles, to handling missed payments. Along the way, we’ll discuss how doctors on our networks are utilizing automated payment plan software to streamline the entire process, saving administrative upkeep and maximizing returns.

If you’re curious about providing more financing options to your patients, and thus increasing office visits and revenue, keep an eye on the blog for the next few weeks. And don’t be afraid to send us your questions and concerns about in-house financing programs.