Membership: Attract and Retain More Customers

Lower Lead Costs, Gain Recurring Revenue

Membership technology is an important option in our full suite of customer financial solutions, designed to help businesses boost sales, increase customer loyalty, and improve the bottom line. While most programs focus on payments, ExtendCredit delivers the most comprehensive solution available. It is designed to meet the needs of the entire organization: Corporate and regional management, single location owners, managers, staff and customers. The entire process of designing plans, signing up new members, including paperwork, payment management and customer communications is fully automated by the platform. Many features are built-in to minimize required by the business’ staff including: customer communications, advanced auto-renewal logic, expiring credit card management and much more. Built for scalability, the ExtendCredit platform grows with your needs to handle volumes of individual plans seamlessly. ExtendCredit membership technology makes it easy and quick, from start to finish.

Simplicity From Start to Finish

Stand out from your competitors and create unique and custom plans that are competitively priced in your market. The ExtendCredit platform allows you to create almost any kind of plan that makes sense for your customer demographics.   You can offer simple, low costs plans to be competitive in the market place, but add Optional services that the customer picks at sign up time to create a tailored plan to the customer, driving additional sales for your business. In addition, the technology gives organizations the tools to easily adjust plan offerings at any time. The system continues to manage existing plan agreements and automatically updates to the new plan structure upon renewal.

It’s easy to add new members. The software is designed so that an account is set up in three simple steps using a single online form. A left side navigation menu allows you to add members with the click of a button. Start with member information, click the desired plan, add any options, or secondary plans for special needs, approve and you are done. Agreement forms are completed, print and have the customer sign.

The software is specifically optimized to minimize staff workload. Once approved, the system takes over handling every aspect of the payment plan, providing significant automation to ensure fast and easy management. ExtendCredit allows you to set up and manage auto-pay and handles payment storage methods. Monthly auto debits from your customers’ accounts as well as deposits to your business account are automated. Reporting and management tools make it simple to check status at any time.

Tracking consumption of items included in a membership plan is vital. The platform provides a simple to use mechanism to track usage, including tracking who delivered the service, on what date and in what quantity. The system proactively notifies customers at 90 and 60 days remaining on their plan year about available services to consume, ensuring they are informed and that there is no rush to utilized remaining services at the end of the plan cycle. In addition, flexibility allows for override or extension of services at your discretion. If a plan is cancelled, tracking allows the balance due to be instantly calculated, allowing you to quickly settle the account with the customer.

Keeping customers on schedule with payments is crucial; the ExtendCredit platform sends automated alerts, for upcoming payment attempts as well as missed payments, and also includes the auto reattempts for any plans that have missed payments. The system includes various tools for the business to work with the customer to keep them on track. Tools include: delaying the current month’s payment, changing future payment dates to new dates, providing additional months to pay back the note, partial payments and more. With all of these tools, rest assured that the ExtendCredit platform is managing all of the accounting automatically

Keeping an eye on your portfolio, reviewing membership plans and status are just a few of the reporting tools to keep you informed. Add analytics and easily view payments, monthly recurring revenue as well as products and services consumption.