Customer Financing Solutions

We deliver a small business solution as well as an enterprise level platform for multi-location, regional and national business organizations. Founded on over 25 years of financial services and technology expertise, our platform has processed over 50 billion recurring transactions annually. Companies, of all sizes and in all industries, often struggle with adapting new and innovative methods to increase productivity because their priority is simply staying afloat, or they simply do not know an integrated solution exist.

Get Results, Stay in Control

The ExtendCredit platform helps you offer the plans and options that make sense for your business, on your terms! You control customer approval, repayment terms, plan design, and much more.   You have the ability to minimize risk in various ways, all easily managed within the platform.

Over $30 Million in Development

Over just the past 10 years we have continued to invest, and evolve our technology platform. Its modular structure allows organizations and integration partners to easily utilize just those pieces they need. Leading billing and payment management modules, expertise in recurring and subscription billing, credit and risk analysis, membership solutions,, customer communication tools, enterprise functionality and multi-location expertise and capabilities. If you’re looking for a solution or even considering building a platform of your own, ExtendCredit is a wise investment in time – contact us today.

Reseller/Partner Support

From the ground up, the system was designed to enable partners and resellers to implement their businesses on the platform.   Features include: branding of all portals, business configuration templates to allow partner specific models, multi-dimensional accounting and billing for their subscribed businesses, advanced operational tools for supporting subscribed businesses, sales channel/agent commission tracking, and more.