“We had discussed offering payment plans to our Clients in the past but simply did not know how to implement or manage them. When we looked into ExtendCredit.com we realized that we could do it rather easily. Giving our Associates and Partners the flexibility of payment plans has increased our revenues this year considerably.”

Jeff F., Attorney at Law. Kansas City, MO.

“I wish I had heard about ExtendCredit.com sooner. We recently sent over $100,000 in accounts receivable to an outside collections agency. If we had the capability, payment plans would have worked well for many of these accounts. Now with ExtendCredit.com we do and we have seen dramatic improvements in cash flow and happier customers.”

Mark S., Medical Clinic. San Diego, CA..

“We just could not get a conventional financing program to work for us. We could not get customers approved. We decided that we could not get by without doing something. ExtendCredit.com made it possible for us to set up and manage payment plans for our Customers from 90 days to 12 Months.” Our Customers were thrilled and the interest we collected really added up.”

Jack L., Transmissions Limited.

“For years we used a popular third party financing program. It was very ineffective as only a fraction of our Patients were approved and those who did, were not very happy with the fees and charges they were forced to pay.

With ExtendCredit.com we set up payment plans ranging from six to twelve months for our most popular procedures. We increased annual revenues by 7% and received approximately $20,000 in interest through the program.”

Rob S. DDS, Seattle WA.