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Who knew! Dentists want to offer payment plans

We recently exhibited at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference in Seattle. While we were a little last minute in deciding to exhibit, the show was a great success for Throughout the show, we had more booth traffic than our hard working team could handle. A lot of follow up appointments with dentists, medical billers, and potential resellers will keep our local sales team in the Seattle area hopping for some time to come.

Using payment plans for managing accounts receivable was the hot topic. In today’s credit challenged economy, more and more patients are struggling to pay their bills. All too often, medical bills get pushed to the bottom of the pile. Accounts receivable balances at dental practices are getting larger and aging longer.

Offering payment plan options to many of these patients with outstanding balances is good business. With, the dental practice decides which accounts qualify for payment plans and how the payment plans should work. The dental practice controls whether credit checks are performed, and what interest rate and payment term to set.

ExtendCredit works with the dental practice to design a “best practices” approach to communicate the offer to the patients and get them signed up. Once signed up, ExtendCredit’s automated system takes over for collecting payments from the patients and handling any missed payment situations. The dental practice has real-time access to patient payment activity to stay on top of weekly cash flow from the payment plans. Using, offering payment plans as a cash flow strategy for existing accounts receivable is simple, highly automated, and effective.

To learn more about how can help you manage your accounts receivable better call us today at 888-364-2808, or email us at You’ll be glad you did!

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