Automated Financial Services Made Easy

The lasting effect of the World Financial Crisis is that businesses of all sizes realize that to protect their bottom line and empower customers to purchase their products and services they need to take a more proactive role in providing and managing financial services and solutions.  ExtendCredit is the proven technology platform enabling 1000’s of companies around the globe to make financial services a business strategy for increased sales, enhanced loyalty and a marketing differentiator that means business.

The Solution:  ExtendCredit

ExtendCredit provides businesses with a comprehensive and easy-to-use automated online payment plan solution, enabling them to offer their own flexible, in-house customer or patient financing programs. Using’s in-house financing software, you can convert AR accounts into payment plans and let ExtendCredit handle the process from beginning to end for you. ExtendCredit supplements and integrates a sound financial strategy that includes bank and credit card lending and our efficient and solutions to extend credit with customer or patient financing and membership plans.
Many businesses work with financial institutions to provide 3rd party financing to their customers base. Since the beginning of the credit crisis, approval rates have dropped and the expense to the business has risen. Businesses have found that many of their customers no longer qualify for these programs. With ExtendCredit, the business can implement a First Look/Second look program whereby 3rd party financing is used first, with an immediate Second look being performed within the ExtendCredit system, which based on various factors including service type, dollar range, credit/banking/fraud score and more, determines what offers are a reasonable risk for this specific customers. The result is a dramatically higher overall approval rate.
Our consumption-based membership software provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for the implementation and management of membership or wellness plans.  Bundle products and services that are compelling to your customer base and provide them with an easy way to make affordable payments. The end result is that the business increases loyalty, generates recurring revenue, and increases customer visits – which results in them buying additional products and services!
With over 25 years of financial services technology experience, ExtendCredit and its sister company H3 Financial Service, Inc., utilizes the latest and leading technology and policies to ensure that your data is always safe, including 256 bit SSL encryption, SAS 70 compliant data center, network security, and advanced system controls for application security & administration. In addition, our system provides the compliance you need with a solution like this.
Whatever your marketing desire, customer financing solutions can have a major impact on the bottom line.  They can be a vital tool to lower new lead costs, promote special products and services, bundle offerings with ancillary services for higher return, and can be leverage to target specific offerings to increase traffic on certain days.

Who We Are

ExtendCredit is a leading provider of cloud-based, end-to-end software solutions and services for creating, managing and automating in-house and third-party financing programs and membership solutions. ExtendCredit helps organizations of all types and sizes boost sales, enhance customer loyalty and grow the bottom line.

The ExtendCredit platform provides an end-to-end solution for defining payment plan rules, signing up new customers, managing the billing and payments collections, customer communications (including email, customer portal and more) and management reporting. We provide a complete end-to-end solution, providing high flexibility, enterprise-level capability and automation focused on payment ExtendCredit helps businesses of all sizes whether single location, multi-location or national chain

The ExtendCredit platform is a centralized solution that aggregates services from various partners. The platform incorporates these feature sets into an easy to use interface so that our customers can quickly and easily sign up new customers and deliver advanced payment options to their customers. We deliver customized and industry specific solutions to answer the needs and processes of specific industries such as health care, dental, veterinary, education and enterprise markets.

To provide the leading single-source financial services platform, enabling our clients to take control of financing options and solutions for their patients and consumers in order to boost sales, enhance loyalty and grow revenue.

It’s About You

Our business is about building your business. Our goal: to earn your trust as a valued partner providing the financial services platform, tools and support to grow your business and enables customers to obtain the services and products they seek.

Be Trustworthy

In all that we do, our customers, partners, investors, and employees need to see that we honor our promises and respect our relationships. We believe trust is earned and is shown through action.

Think Differently

Because the customer base of our different businesses represent a variety of industries and come in different sizes, we can draw upon those experiences to help solve problems in specific industries from a different perspective. We continually evolve by leveraging the best practices learned across our varied customer community.

Expect and Embrace Change

Change keeps us relevant, and our ideas fresh. As each new generation takes its place in business they bring with them new ideas and ways of looking at our industries. Embracing these new ways while leveraging our experience leads to better solutions to help our customers succeed in an ever-changing competitive environment.

Our thousands of customers range in size from single practitioner dental practices and veterinary clinics to large multi-national corporations. With over 25 years in the high-volume, recurring billing and payments business, processing over 50 billion transactions annually, we have the depth of experience and reliability of performance to meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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