The Business of Membership

Building Long-Term Client Relationships

Customer loyalty is not merely a vital ingredient in your success, it maximizes the value of your investment in customer acquisition. ExtendCredit delivers the most advanced membership-plan software to capitalize on each valuable customer relationship. Our tools empower businesses to sell tailored bundles of products and services to suit your customers, build loyalty, and maximize customer relationships. Our membership offering can be easily integrated with the flow of payment plans for a full customer-lifecycle solution.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Membership-Plan Software

  • Comprehensive software
  • Renewal automation
  • Recurring billing vs. recurring payments
  • Comprehensive payment management
  • Advanced missed payment management tools
  • Customer communication automation
  • Plan flexibility
  • Production pay calculations
  • Integration with first-look, second-look, and in-house payment plan offerings

EC provides important membership support, with key differentiating software functionality to facilitate your program, slash management time, and drive success in the practice of membership.

Example Programs

EC’s functionality fosters ongoing customer engagement by extending membership plans to stand-alone products or services. Often, an initial product purchase can be bundled into an ongoing membership program. For example:


  1. Dental implants, which carry a one-time cost, can be combined with regular care and checkups through a membership program
  2. Cosmetic surgery includes an initial treatment cost, but follow-up and additional care may be part of a membership program
  3. An in-home service or exercise equipment that requires regular servicing can be part of a membership community to deliver ongoing or added services

By equipping businesses with customizable tools to attract and retain more customers, membership plans form a great foundation to grow recurring and longer-term revenue.

Capture the Power of the Business of Membership to Grow Your Business

A great membership program starts with the right foundation.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Easy plan set-up with basic plan elements, as well as optional items to tailor plans to customer needs or extra product desires
  • Ability to add optional products and services mid-plan and decide whether or not the options renew annually
  • Opportunity to add additional product and service sales to build relationships
  • Greater affordability with monthly payments
  • Cloud-based, intuitive, and integrated product offering for ease of use and minimal cross-training
  • Ease of implementation and management of your program

The Features of Membership

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Membership Solution

How the practice of wellness is supported is important. EC provides key differentiating software functionality to facilitate your program, reduce the amount of time spent on management and drive success for your membership program.

Membership Programs Build Loyalty and Open the Door to Other Products and Services

With EC, you gain the software and support to reach both your immediate and long-term program needs and growth objectives. We help you identify ways your membership program can act as a gateway to incorporate and grow additional areas of your business by adding options tailored to each customer.

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Building Your Membership Program

Your membership program should represent and build your brand, not your service provider’s brand. Our membership software incorporates your brand and messaging at every step. The flexibility of our solution allows you to design plans for your clientele to showcase your product and/or service offering.

Easy Online or On-Site Sign-Up

ExtendCredit’s platform brings sign-up straight to your customer. With easy plan choice and enrollment, your customer can either enroll themselves online or your team can quickly and systematically enroll new members, provide relevant optional services, and generate a plan agreement. Automated communications send a branded welcome message to new members, connecting them to your company’s branded membership portal. Access to the self-signup module allows your members to sign up whenever and wherever they are — 24×7.

Training and Support

Our experienced support and membership team is with you at every step, providing insight and training on best practices for communicating your membership offering. Additionally, your ExtendCredit coach demonstrates how to get the most out of the software to best meet the needs of your company. At ExtendCredit, we don’t just turn on software. Instead, your coach works with you before, during, and after launch to lock in your ongoing success.

Payment Management

A well-run membership program requires much more than recurring payment functionality, which falls short by simply performing payment attempts. Done correctly, membership payment management involves statement generation, customer notification, payment attempt, re-attempts for rejections, accounts-receivable tracking, and various other aspects of a true recurring-billing solution. At scale, this becomes one of the key areas of work for membership solutions that only offer recurring payments.

Missed Payment Management

While other solutions leave it to you to figure out and manage payment issues, ExtendCredit thinks differently. For example, missed payment management is a huge consideration for a successful program. Handled poorly, missed payments saddle vital staff with added work.


ExtendCredit is the only solution on the market that proactively, and preemptively, stops payment issues before they happen using big-data and predictive analytics. Our Smart Reattempt logic cures 35-40% of payment issues. Card updater services and expiring email reminders to customers also help in reducing the number of rejected payments to deal with.  If payment issues remain unresolved, EC’s call center reaches out on behalf of your business to get customers back on track.

Marketing Your Plans

Marketing your membership programs is fundamental for success. With ExtendCredit’s system, you can filter user data to create mail or email lists for key marketing or promotional campaigns tailored to your membership program. Our technology makes it easy for internal marketing teams, or if needed ExtendCredit can help. As part of ExtendCredit’s support, we work with you to craft a multi-point marketing campaign to maximize pull-push marketing strategies to drive your program. We offer marketing materials with customized artwork to showcase your brand. If needed, to facilitate your marketing campaign — from creative execution to production and fulfillment. Ask your coach how we can help.

Comprehensive Software

The cornerstone of any membership solution is its ability to scale, while addressing the unique needs of your clients and team. A complete membership plan solution should, at a minimum, empower your company to offer and manage customized membership plans.


Your solution should give you the ability to add optional services at enrollment, or at any point during the plan year. Optional services have been proven to increase share of wallet and customer satisfaction.

Automated Renewals

The last thing you and your busy staff need is a membership plan you have to babysit. Although renewals may sound easy, the renewal process is fraught with complexity. The reality is most solutions are ill-equipped to handle renewal issues that companies routinely face, ranging from adding services mid-year to ensuring quantities are correct for mid-year plan and renews to full year plan, and not renewing plans with payment issues.

Recurring Payments vs Recurring Billing

Most solutions offer a feature for recurring payments — moving funds from your client’s bank account to your business account — but stop short of providing functionality for recurring billing. Without recurring billing, your staff is saddled with the thankless task of sending payment reminders, calling and tracking down missed payments, keeping tabs on membership account balances, and managing all aspects of missed payments from clients.


To avoid this headache, choose a membership solution that automatically generates payment notification reminders and statements, manages missed payments, incorporates a full accounts receivable system, and provides a company-branded customer portal so your clientele can manage their account without hand-holding by your staff.

Comprehensive Payment and Missed
Payment Management

ExtendCredit is the only solution with comprehensive membership accounting and recurring billing feature sets — unlike other industry solutions that are limited to recurring payments. EC delivers complete automation around the entire payment management process. Our functionality ensures that your team remains focused and isn’t wasting valuable time keeping track of payment status or tracking down missed payments.


With a comprehensive payment management solution — one that includes a payment management process — you can proactively eliminate missed payments. The right solution should automatically remind clients of upcoming payments, alert them to expired credit cards, and reattempt payments to fix issues that are temporary (balance limits, authorization holds, fraud alerts, etc.).


Better yet: a solution that makes payment management calls on your behalf. For example, EC’s membership plan program solution deploys professionals to call your clients beginning 8 days after a missed payment. Our larger partners use our proprietary missed payment case management module to deliver process, efficiency and smart logic to drive payment management results.

Business Intelligence and Key
Performance Indicators

Establishing goals is an essential first step in the success of your membership program. Understanding what is happening in real-time is equally important to your success.  As your program grows, you need quick and easy insight into your program. You’ll want to be able to answer bottom-line questions, such as: What are my enrollment numbers? How are renewals tracking? What is the total value to my organization? EC delivers the tools that allow you to gain critical insights into these questions and more.

Automated Customer Communication

A solution providing automated communications is not merely a tool to empower your clients to take an active role in the management of their membership plan. Automated communications also help to set your company apart from the competition by encouraging a personal bond with your client. This bond begins with the first automated welcome message and continues as the client builds a relationship with you and your staff through a company branded customer portal.