First Look Solutions

EC has worked with third-party financial institutions to provide integrated first look opportunities to provide revolving, lines of credit and promotional offerings for qualified transactions. The first look module enables customer self-signup online or in-store staff supported application processes.

Application Process

The application, credit rating, pre-approval and final offering is supported to APIs to enable desired flow, algorithms, and functionality of the financial provider, and through those API calls, special requirements can be met to expedite and direct the flow depending on data provided. Pre-approval concepts and joint application processes and promotional payment programs are also supported.

  • Self and staff assisted
  • Single and joint application
  • Credit rating and pre-approval capabilities
  • Revolving credit and special promotional offers
  • Stand alone or modular first, second and third look capabilities


The EC offering supports online purchases and approvals, as well as storefront transactional needs to support the requirements of our third-party partners. Easy access for on-site transactions, same day void transaction if completed before third-party daily batch processing protocols, post return for full or partial amounts is also supported.

  • Online or at location functionality
  • Void recent sale capabilities
  • Flexibility to third-party batch processing guidelines
  • Post full and partial return amount functionality

Reports and Inquiries

The system supports: merchant reporting, individual transaction review, daily transactions report, individual account settlement status and merchant-wide settlement reports, as well as the ability for customers to verify account functionality built into the system.

  • Single transaction tracking
  • Daily transaction reports
  • Single account settlement status
  • Full merchant settlement reporting
  • Verify account


The EC modules are built to work independently or as part of our customer’s workflows, using our API suite for integration. Our customers can use our user interface to manage the entire process with their first look bank or they can use APIs, so that they own the origination flow and our solution manages the back-office aspect. We understand that customization is very common in this area, and we also provide professional services to make sure that our customers have an optimal workflow.

EC is a technology provider that addresses, a wide variety of needs with out-of-the-box functionality. We also have a local and experienced development team for more custom needs.

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