For businesses, it is no longer just about the right product, it’s about how you enable the purchase.

ExtendCredit provides a modular solution that brings together a variety of payment offerings to enable more consumers to buy your goods or services. These solutions work independently or together as a tiered waterfall financing and payment program offering for consumers with stellar credit, subpar credit, or limited means.

A Payment Option for Every Customer. A Plan for Every Business.

EC provides a modular solution that brings together a variety of payment offerings that work in conjunction with each other or independently. The solutions can be used to create a tiered waterfall financing and payment program. For those with existing first look application flow, you can integrate with our second look capabilities or can go directly into payment plans. Each module delivers origination flexibility and is supported by full recurring billing features as well as multi-dimensional accounting and settlement capabilities.

First Look Solutions
Lines of credit and revolving credit enable a first look opportunity for consumers with prime credit and business with preferred tier one financial partners.

Second Look Solutions

For the significant number of consumers who are considered sub-prime, second look programs enable integrating process, partners and qualifications to meet the specific needs of this segment of the market.

Third Look and Merchant Backed Payment Plans

Some consumers are payment worthy, but no payment solution will be found during the first and second look. For these consumers, our merchant backed payment plan programs provide an answer, while offering comprehensive risk management to the merchant.

Enabling First Purchase and Building Long Term Relationships

An EC tiered payment program answers the needs of consumers with different credit ratings by enabling them to finance their purchases. EC also goes a step further, addressing the needs of business that wish to build relationships with these consumers. EC’s membership plan solutions give businesses the tools to create customer loyalty and long-term relationships while driving differentiation. Find out more about EC membership plan capabilities.

The History Behind the Technology

Each business path is unique. For ExtendCredit, we were recurring billing experts with vast experience in the carrier space, focused on delivering upon the robust recurring billing needs of telecom and cable companies. In fact, our software handled 50 billion transactions annually.


As we looked outside the carrier industry, we sought to empower businesses of all sizes and in all verticals, by combining our recurring billing experience with innovative capabilities, analytics, organization structure, and user roles. Our aim? To drive recurring revenue through comprehensive payment programs and plan offerings. We also understand businesses are unique and have built a comprehensive yet a modular approach to allow a solution that works best for each company. 

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Multi-Dimensional Accounting and Settlement

The platform is a full accounts receivable and settlement system that enables the tracking of funds settlement and any A/R of all parties involved. A full suite of accounting reports are available for all parties involved.


We debit, settle and manage money flow for the following (not all are applicable to every customer):


  • Consumer to Lender
  • Consumer to Merchant
  • Merchant to Lender
  • Lender and/or Merchant to Referral Agent
  • EC to Merchant and Lender

The system also tracks activity for Sales Channels and Sales Agents so that our customer can track their channel activity.